• Take Along Tabbouleh

    Bulgar, cracked wheat, is a staple in the Middle East. It is so easy to make and very affordable. It's a 2 to 1 ratio (water to bulgar) like rice but takes even less to prepare making it another ideal backpacking meal. Boil water, add bulgar, cover and rest or use this time to swim, play cards or enjoy the sunset. I like adding mozzarella for more protein. Mozzarella is a cheese that doesn't sweat when it gets warm making it an ideal choice for backpacking.


    1 Cup of Bulgar

    2-3 Roma tomatoes (These are firmer and have less juice. Place in the top pouch of your pack to keep them protected)

    1 bunch of parsley

    1 Round of Fresh Mozzarella

    1/2 cup of Pine Nuts

    1 Tbsp of Korma

    Salt & Pepper to taste

    Boil 2 cups of water & add it to the bulgar. Add korma. Stir & cover. Let it sit 20 minutes . Drain any remaining liquid and fluff with a fork.

    As the bulgar is sitting, chop tomatoes, parsley & mozzarella. Add to the fluffed bulgar along with the pine nuts. Salt and pepper to taste. 

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