• Banana 'Mores, a healthy alternative to Smores

    Sitting around the campfire on a recent trip to Granite Hot Springs with the children running around in the light of the setting sun, we started to discuss dessert. We had all the fixings for s'mores in the camper but our friend Billie offered an alternative, foil wrapped bananas cooked on the fire with chocolate peanut butter. I was totally intrigued and after tasting it I was convinced we could take it further. I was missing the crunch of the graham cracker. Smooshing the banana concoction between two halves of cinnamon graham crackers tasted like a cross between a s'more and banana bread, delicious!


    Tin Foil


    Chocolate Chips

    Almond Butter

    Cinnamon Graham Crackers 



    Take an unpeeled banana and cut lengthwise down the banana. Fill it with chocolate chips and almond butter. Wrap in tin foil and place it on the embers of your campfire. Leave to cook for 5-10 minutes depending on the heat of your fire. Remove with tongs. Peel back the tin foil and the peel. Gently slice into chunks and smooth it between 2 graham crackers.

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