• Ojas Nuggets


    An amazingly delicious and quick energy boost. It's a fun thing to make with kids and a very healthy snack or dessert. The word "ojas" in Sanskrit translates to vigor, vitality & immunity. It is the product of a good healthy digestive system that helps ward off the effects of stress and disease.



    10 Dates, pitted

     1 Cup of Almonds

    1-2 Tbsp of Ghee or Coconut Oil

    1/2 Cup of Coconut, shredded

    1 Tbsp. of Oatmeal Cookie Spice

    1 Tbsp of Maple Syrup

    Pinch of Salt


    Throw all ingredients into a food processor and mix until you have a course texture. Roll into balls and put in the refrigerator for an hour to firm up.

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