• Ayurvedic Cleanse Recipes

    Love Your Liver Flush

    To be done mid cleanse

    ¼ Tsp. of Clove
    3 sprigs of Fresh Parsley
    2 Oranges, Tangerines or 1 Grapefruit
    ½ a lemon, peeled
    ¼ Cup of Purified Water
    1 Pinch of Cayenne (omit if you are predominantly pitta)
    1 Clove of Garlic
    2” Piece of Fresh Peeled Ginger
    2 Tbsp. of Cold Pressed Olive Oil

    Add water to the blender. Proceed to add each ingredient in order except the olive oil and blend for approximately 2 minutes. If you need to thin add more water. Then add olive oil and pulse.

    is a kidney cleanser, blood builder and helps rid the body of toxins.
    Lemon stimulates digestive secretions and increases bile flow clearing stagnation in the bowels. The zest may also be beneficial in dissolving gallstones.
    Garlic stimulates a sluggish liver and clears mucous, parasites and worms from the GI tract.
    Ginger, clove and cayenne are appetite stimulants and aid in digestion by increasing the fire.

    Vegetable Broth

    To be consumed daily through your cleanse

    3 Potatoes
    4 Celery Stalks
    A Couple Handfuls of Greens
    1 Onion
    1 Gallon of Water

    Simmer 30 minutes and strain. Drink throughout the day to avoid electrolyte depletion during your cleanse.

    When your pH balance changes while you are cleansing this may cause sluggishness and toxins may build up. Broth and chlorophyll or wheatgrass helps maintain a healthy pH. Another tip is to save vegetable trimmings. Keep them stored in a container in the freezer to use when needed to make broth.

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