• Welcoming Spring (Kapha season), the Ayurvedic Way

    Kapha dosha embraces the elements of earth & water. Its qualities are heavy, wet, solid, dense, cloudy, dull, cool, smooth, soft & stable. To counter the negative aspects of Kapha we want to think & do the opposite of these qualities.
    • Lighten up the diet.
    • Exercise & stimulating activities.
    • Daily routine.
    • Dry sauna.
    • De-clutter.
    • Energetically warm essential oils: clove, cinnamon, juniper & eucalyptus.
    • Avoid napping.
    Signs of Kapha imbalance: excess phlegm, overweight, sluggish, unmotivated, mucus in poop, depressed, stubborn & allergies.
    Balanced Kapha: nurturing, thoughtful, patient, strong & sleep well.
    Preferred tastes for spring: astringent, bitter & pungent.
    Tastes to reduce during Spring: sweet, sour & salty. They increase the negative qualities of Kapha.
    Your Spring Menu: greens, green tea, cooked vegetables, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, barley, millet, legumes & raw honey.
    Foods to lighten up on: meat, dairy, wheat, white rice, soy, bananas, avocados, melon, cucumbers, squash, sugary foods, oils, processed foods, breads & nuts.

         Digestive Teas Ideas

    • Equal parts cumin, coriander & fennel.

    • Sliced fresh ginger & lemon.

    • Cinnamon, cardamom & nutmeg.

    *other herbs/spices to include: pepper, basil, chamomile, garlic, horseradish, parsley, sage, thyme, turmeric. Avoid bland food which creates mucus & use less salt to avoid water retention.


    To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. - La Rochefoucauld


    YOGA for stimulating Kapha dosha & optimum digestion:
    Hope Buchbinder of Modern Embodiment recommends balancing the sluggish qualities of Kapha by enlivening with vigorous movement & deep abdominal breathing. Energizing postures include: standing poses, inversions, & backbends. Digestion is enhanced by incorporating postures which open the abdominal space, release tension in organs and connective tissues, & bring us into balance with the parasympathetic nervous system.
    • “Skull Shining” Breath
    • Child’s Pose
    • Crescent
    • Sun Salutes
    • Twisting Lunges
    • Twisted Wide-Leg Forward Bend
    • Side Angle
    • Triangle
    • Belly-Down Backbends
    • Forward Bend with fists in belly
    • Half Lord of the Fishes
    • Bridge
    • Belly-Revolving Pose
    • Happy Baby
    • Reclined Bound Angle

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